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The Scott Township Board of Supervisors met on the above date in the Municipal Building, 350 Tenny Street (Espy), Bloomsburg, PA. The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. and opened with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. In attendance were Supervisors Paul R. Eyerly IV, Frederick D. Ackerman, Jr., Donald L. Coleman, Sr., and Lanny R. Sheehan. Solicitor Anthony J. McDonald from Marinos, McDonald & Knecht LLP, Police Sergeant M. Joseph Grassley, and Secretary/Treasurer Brittany M. Stasik were also in attendance.

The hearing for the inter-municipal transfer of a liquor license began at 6:31 p.m. Testimony was closed at 6:42 p.m. (Ervin Blank Associates made a stenographic record.) Mr. Ackerman made a motion to adopt Resolution 9-21-16, approving the transfer of PA Liquor License R-21082 from Mt. Pleasant Township, pending review by the Solicitor and with the condition that no alcohol will be sold after 10 p.m. Mr. Coleman seconded and the motion carried 4-0.

None appearing.

Minutes of the August 17, 2016 meeting were presented for approval. Mr. Coleman made a motion to approve the minutes as presented. Mr. Ackerman seconded the motion, which carried 4-0.

The August Budget, Police, Roads, Treasurer’s, Zoning, and Tri-County COG IBC Inspection Service Reports were presented for approval. Sergeant Grassley noted that the federal grant for new bulletproof vests was recently approved. Mr. Eyerly made a motion to authorize the expenditure of up to $10,000.00 for the purchase of six bulletproof vests, with the expectation that the Township would be reimbursed by grant monies for 50% of the cost. Mr. Sheehan seconded and the motion carried 4-0. Mr. Coleman made a motion to approve the reports as presented. Mr. Sheehan seconded and the motion carried 4-0.

The General Fund bills to be paid were presented as check numbers 14173—14212 and one electronic funds transfer for $159,384.96. In addition, Liquid Fuels Fund bills to be paid were presented as check numbers 1632—1634 for $9,159.36. Mr. Ackerman made a motion to approve the bills to be paid, totaling $168,544.32. Mr. Coleman seconded and the motion carried 4-0.

David Drumheller, PLS, of Drumheller Surveying presented the Minor Subdivision Plan for Mark R. Vannatta and James Harold Dent II. The County Planning Commission reviewed the Plan. The Township Planning Commission reviewed the Plan and recommended approval. Due to the straightforward design of this Plan, Township Engineer Todd R. Pysher of Pysher & Associates, Inc., recommended approval without providing an official review letter. Mr. Coleman made a motion to approve the Subdivision Plan and Mr. Ackerman seconded. The motion carried 4-0.

Regarding the Preliminary Land Development Plan for the three shovel-ready sites (Lots 1, 2 and 7) in the County Business Park, Joshua Hoagland, P.E., of The Crossroads Group, LLC, Stephen Phillips, Executive Director of the Berwick Industrial Development Association, Inc., and Martin Bowman, Chairman of The Columbia Alliance for Economic Growth, attended the meeting. Mr. Hoagland stated that the Township Planning Commission recommended that the Board of Supervisors grant Preliminary Land Development Plan approval for Lots 2 and 7, and grant conditional Sketch Plan approval for Lot 1. He requested that the Board act on the Planning Commission’s recommendation. Mr. Eyerly noted that due to the number of details involved, plus the fact that the Board had not seen Mr. Pysher’s review letter dated September 21, 2016, and had not seen the latest Plan, the Township should wait until the October meeting to consider any approval. The Board tabled this.

Regarding the codification of the ordinances, Ms. Stasik stated that General Code Publishers Corp., recently provided a number of edits for her to review.

Regarding the waiver request for relief from Ordinance Section 120-8 (E), Patrick T. O’Connell, Esquire, is requesting this in order to install an inlet box and 160 linear feet of 10-inch perforated gutter pipe under the end of his driveway and in front of his property at 120 Shawnee Road. Mr. Coleman made a motion to grant the waiver request, which would permit the pipe installation, on the condition that a maintenance agreement is prepared and recorded with the Court, subject to the Solicitor’s approval, stipulating that any costs involved would be the responsibility of the homeowners and their successors and assigns. Mr. Ackerman seconded and the motion carried 4-0.

Regarding the HMGP Program potential flood buyout program, Mr. Eyerly provided background information and stated additional funds have been allocated for this program. He outlined a number of stipulations, including the fact that the municipality must be the applicant. The Township would be required to submit a letter of intent, which is non-binding but would show PEMA the Township is interested in participating in the program. PEMA would then send the formal application. Mr. Ackerman made a motion to authorize sending a letter of intent to PEMA. Mr. Sheehan seconded and the motion carried 4-0.

Mr. Ackerman made a motion to allow Trick-or-Treating after the Espy Fire Company parade on October 25 until 9:00 p.m., and on October 31 from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. Mr. Coleman seconded. The motion carried 4-0.

Ms. Stasik presented the completed Minimum Municipal Obligation Worksheets for the 2017 Uniformed and Non-Uniformed Pension Plans. Mr. Coleman made a motion to accept the Minimum Municipal Obligations as presented. Mr. Sheehan seconded and motion carried 4-0.

Regarding the 2017 Budget, Mr. Eyerly noted the importance of adopting the Preliminary Budget no later than the November meeting in order to comply with State advertising and notification requirements. The department heads will meet with their committees to consider anticipated expenses in order to have a discussion at the October meeting.

Ms. Stasik stated longtime Planning Commission member Mr. Richard Reichart has submitted his letter of resignation. Discussion ensued regarding the need for another individual to fill the Planning Commission vacancy and for another Township resident to serve on the Zoning Hearing Board.

Mr. Coleman made a motion to adjourn. Mr. Ackerman seconded and the motion carried 4-0. The meeting adjourned at 7:31 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Brittany M. Stasik

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